Life in Colour with David Attenborough

Presented by Sir David Attenborough, this docuseries explores a fresh perspective – animals that use colour to survive and thrive in the wild.


Production Company: Humble Bee Films

Broadcaster: BBC / Netflix

Release Date: 2021

Length: 3 x 60mins

Photo: Skyler Ewing


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What we did

WBF played a role in this exciting series by helping to research unique stories, we also managed a recce in BC, Canada to investigate whether a natural history story could be captured during the production filming period. Dramatic weather events affected the landscape in 2019 which created impassable barriers for the species the series hoped to film, a fact the WBF team was able to confirm before a whole shoot was launched.

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We respectfully acknowledge the location recce took place in the traditional territories of the St’át’imc Nation, which includes Bridge River Indian Band (Xwísten), Pavilion Indian Band (Ts'kw'aylaxw), Cayoose Creek Band (Sekw’el’was), Seton Lake Band (Tsal'alh), Lillooet Indian Band (T’it’q’et), and Fountain Band (Xaxl’ip).


“From conception and throughout our work together, Wild Bus Films use their wide network to secure access to unique locations. Their unparalleled local knowledge enabled us to develop previously hidden stories from across the region. With great contacts, Wild Bus Films were able to forge partnerships on our behalf and help us negotiate discounts. This gave us the opportunity to access stories that have, historically, been closed to filming or too expensive to explore.”

Freelance Producer

Carina Thomas

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