Secret World of Sound

Using cutting-edge audio technology, Sir David Attenborough explores the extraordinary ways that animals hear and produce sound to reveal
new perspectives of animal behaviour.


Production Company: Infield Fly Productions, Humble Bee Films

Broadcaster: CBC, Sky TV, Netflix

Release Date: 2024

Length: 3 x 60 mins

Photos: Infield Fly Productions, Humble Bee Films

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Sound is the vocabulary of nature. It plays a crucial role in the lives, evolution and everyday struggle of animals. So far, we’ve only heard part of the story — until now.

Using cutting-edge audio technology, Secret World of Sound reveals a hidden world. This ground-breaking three-part series from The Nature of Things, hosted by Anthony Morgan, and David Attenborough on Sky Nature, explores the extraordinary ways animals use sound to hunt, find a mate and survive.

WBF Director, Louisa Gilbert led a specialist camera team to capture a never filmed before wildlife behaviour sequence for the major blue-chip series – an event as curious as it is spectacular. Tasked with field-directing, Louisa and team battled the elements, working around tides to uncover unique animal behaviours for this exhilarating series.

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BTS Photos: Cortney Gilbert

We respectfully acknowledge the sequence filming took place within the traditional territories of the Twana/Skokomish, Suquamish, S’Klallam, Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla First Nations.


"We employed Louisa to recce and Field-direct a very tricky underwater behavioural sequence in Washington State at the start of the summer in 2022. And the desired behaviour was one of the more complicated to capture for our 3-part series! Remotely directed film shoots are always a risk and it takes an extremely reliable and competent director to make them a success – luckily for me, I had Louisa at the helm. The shoot involved filming underwater, working around tides, filming during the day and night, recording acoustics both UW and topside, as well as remote camera set-ups, and round-the-clock dedication. Louisa, along with the crew she was leading, went above and beyond to get some very special animal behaviours indeed! Louisa has an excellent background in, and experience as a filmmaker, which shone through on this shoot. Louisa’s attitude is 'nothing is ever too much trouble’ and she’s extremely efficient in how she applies and manages the time and resources she has. It was a genuine pleasure to work alongside her. I am extremely grateful to have Louisa step-up in my absence and I have no hesitation in recommending her for any future work."

Secret World of Sound - CBC, Sky TV, Netflix

Gemma Brandt – Producer Director, Humble Bee Films

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