Walking with Dinosaurs

Twenty-five years after it first stomped across our TV screens, the iconic Walking with Dinosaurs is returning in a major new BBC Studios production.


Production Company: BBC Studios Science Unit,
co-produced with ZDF and France Télévisions.

Broadcaster: BBC and PBS

Release Date: 2025

Length: 6 x 60 mins

Photo: Will Gard

Produced by

What we did

WBF provided production support to this extraordinary series, filming in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, helping produce background VFX plates. Involved in research, development, location recce’s and permits, travel logistics, providing kit and sourcing crew: Location Producer, (Ross Allen), Drone Pilot (Bronson Whytcross) and Tech/DIT support (Katie Kelly).

We’re so delighted to have been part of bringing this iconic series back to our screens! More to come, see press release. 

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