Local insight. Global talent

We partner with production companies to help them achieve the best possible narratives across Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

We work with international unscripted productions, providing our expertise in everything from producing and directing full films, to nailing the nuts and bolts of challenging logistics.

Filming in hard-to-reach places is at the core of what we help productions achieve. Be that travel, camp set up or bear awareness training, our access and logistical support will help unlock inaccessible stories.

Our Services

Permissions and Permits

We’re a registered BC company with expertise obtaining filming access across federal, provincial, municipal and First Nation Territories and Governments across Canada. We meet the public liability insurance requirements to operate across the country, from highways to park land.

Research and Set up

Our team has worked on some of the biggest shows out there, identifying and setting up shoots to capture unique stories. Finding stunning locations, new perspectives and never caught on film wildlife behaviours, our network of expertise and knowledgeable production researchers makes us well placed to enhance even the most ambitious narrative.

Safety and Communication

We supply trauma kits and AEDs to productions as well as communication support like VHF radios, inreaches and Sat Phones. We have safety personnel and medics that are trained for the specific challenges posed by our environment and able to work on location with film crews.  We offer Bear and wildlife awareness courses for visiting international film crew.

Kit and Rentals

We have a wide range of kit that meets industry standards but if we don't have what you need, we’ll help you find it; Vancouver is home to some of the industry’s most reputable and well stocked kit houses.

Off Grid. In Nature

Our team is used to working in challenging environments; from oceans to mountains, we even have our own converted vehicles and vessels which have taken crews far off the beaten path. The Wild Bus – from where we get our name, is a 40ft converted school bus, fully customised for shoots with a filming platform and powered DIT station. Alongside this we are partnered with boat captains, pilots and more to help get teams where they need to be, safely.


Photos: Oliver Richards, Phil Timpany, Jemma Titheridge and Toby Pickard