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"Setting up a production on the other side of the world is always challenging so ITV Germany were extremely happy to have met such a competent partner for such a challenging production like the ALONE show. Louisa and the entire team of Wild Bus Films, made that show happen. From the 1st digital meeting to wrapping up tons of gear after 3 months of shooting in the Canadian wilderness, we experienced stunning and professional cooperation. I would always work with WBF again."

ALONE Germany

Executive Producer – Johannes Ernst, ITV Studios Germany GmbH

“Jemma and Wild Bus Films was our saving grace for this National Geographic shoot, as the main production company was overseas. Having someone on the ground, who knew the local environments and could constantly pivot and respond to a highly a technical expedition, with changing weather and logistics, was crucial!”

Project Under NDA - National Geographic

Renan Ozturk – Director

"Remote locations, transportation of crew and gear by boat to various Vancouver Islands, setting up WiFi in a place with zero WiFi connection; at every turn, the production team at WBF was professional, thoughtful, organized, and capable. From hiring crew to renting gear and coordinating complicated travel plans, WBF came through. We couldn't have done it without them."

You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment

Elly Schmidt-Hopper – Co-Producer, Oceanic Preservation Society

"We've been delighted to work with the Wild Bus Films team on our latest blue chip Natural History project at Plimsoll Productions. Their local knowledge has been invaluable in helping us pull together a variety of complex shoots on land, in rivers and out at sea around Vancouver Island, Canada. Many thanks for a fantastic service everyone, we look forward to working with you again soon!"

Incredible Animal Journeys - National Geographic

Simon Muriel – Producer Director, Plimsoll Productions

"I would highly recommend Louisa and her team for any local producing needs. Wild Bus Films were very communicative and constructive in finding solutions to problems we faced. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again."

Race Across the World - BBC One & BBC iPlayer

Naomi Lamb – Production Manager, Race Across the World Season 3

"Remotely directed film shoots are always a risk and it takes an extremely reliable and competent director to make them a success – luckily for me, I had Louisa at the helm. The shoot involved filming underwater, working around tides, filming during the day and night, recording acoustics both UW and topside, as well as remote camera set-ups, and round-the-clock dedication. Louisa, along with the crew she was leading, went above and beyond to get some very special animal behaviours indeed!"

Secret World of Sound - CBC, Sky TV & Netflix

Gemma Brandt – Producer Director, Humble Bee Films

"Wild Bus Films did a fantastic job setting up a very complicated shoot in Alaska. They were superb at reacting to changes on the ground during a very tight schedule and the local team they built around were of top quality."

Solar System (w/t) - BBC Two and PBS Nova

Nat Sharman – Producer Director, BBC Studios

"From conception and throughout our work together, Wild Bus Films use their wide network to secure access to unique locations. Their unparalleled local knowledge enabled us to develop previously hidden stories from across the region. With great contacts, Wild Bus Films were able to forge partnerships on our behalf and help us negotiate discounts. This gave us the opportunity to access stories that have, historically, been closed to filming or too expensive to explore."

Attenborough’s Life in Colour

Carina Thomas – Freelance Producer

"The team at Wild Bus Films did a fabulous jobs for us remote filming a series of key sequences to a creative brief. The material they returned was extremely high quality and was the same calibre as if we’d directed ourselves on location. Communication was excellent throughout the process, including whilst on shoots, and the scheduling and planning were all handled by Wild Bus with minimal input from the production team.”

Greta Thunberg: A Year To Change The World

Rob Liddell – Exec Producer, BBC Studios

"The Wild Bus team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Director, Louisa has an exceptional gift for storytelling and an eye for the cinematic that makes her an invaluable resource to any film project. Louisa's team has a real talent for working in remote and challenging conditions and her access to these places, and willingness to work in challenging conditions, makes her a real asset. Will absolutely be working with her again!"

Hakai Institute & Hakai Magazine

Katrina Pyne

"Louisa Gilbert is an extraordinary talent. When we worked together she was unrelenting in her commitment to detail and delivery even when the going got tough. Her intelligent approach to problem solving and her ability to make even the hardest of outcomes happen was crucial to the success of the production. Wild Bus Films is a bold, exciting venture underpinned by all these important qualities. I would not hesitate to recommend work with them on any production. In fact I would say that if you are looking to shoot in BC, it's a must!"

First Civilizations - PBS and ARTE

Karen Kelly – Director

"I commissioned WBF for specialised research and development. They delivered high quality and in-depth research with an intuitive steer for a BBC landmark. Their key relationships on the ground in Canada helped us to gain access in sensitive political areas, I have great confidence in their creative and scientific approach and highly recommend."

Mammals - BBC One

Justine Allan - Producer Director, BBC Natural History Unit

"Wild Bus Films were a major part of planning our shoot in Canada - through their local knowledge and connections they set us up with key locations and contributors that were essential in executing our tight schedule. Their crew provided vital local insight throughout the shoot, helping us find prime filming locations on the fly."

TerraX Adventure Freedom

Andreas Sawall - Director

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